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We encourage you to click the 'New User Account' button to sign-up as a registered user (or sign-in using Facebook!

) so you can create a User Profile and upload a custom Profile Image.

As with chat rooms, Instant Messages provide full support for spell check, Emoji, custom emoticons, and advanced Content Replacement.

Instant Messaging can also be enabled or disabled on a per-User Privilege basis.

Take it to the next level with SSAX Single Site Authentication.

We've already found that using HTML5 chat software such as Addon Chat over a Java or Flash based solution can increase your chat room's popularity by as much as 50%, giving your users the ability to sign-in using their Facebook account can increase this an additional 25-30%!

Use Link Code Parameters to automatically sign users in using the same username and ID they use on your own web site, forum, blog, or CMS software.

Digi Chat software was created using Java, a popular programming language in the 90's.

It has fallen out of favor and many browsers are beginning to rollback support for various Java applications.


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