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Data analysis was based on structured analysis of content.The MSM interviewed had extensive experience of drug use, in particular amyl nitrate, amphetamines, methamphetamine, ketamine, cocaine and cannabis.

So if the first example doesn't look all too horrid to you, then that's lucky, because I really can't think of some worthy periphrasis (it's difficult without "detective").

Drug use among men who have sex with men is often accompanied by risky sexual behaviours.

Local AIDS help centres and gay advice centres are recording an increase in drug use among MSM clients in Germany.

Does German have a pronoun that fits these needs, or is it better to somehow avoid this requirement and phrase it differently?

I did a bit of research, and found nothing even close to a definitive answer.


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    But he guesses that most of his 70,000 users are people like Jessie: Those in committed, conventional relationships, who realize that, statistically speaking, few modern couples stay with a single person their whole lives.