Hiv dating web site for gays

So if there's anything you'd like to save for posterity, now is the time to do it.If you have questions regarding the shutdown of these boards, please email us at [email protected] can even ask HIV counselors any queries and doubts they have about their problems.We are dedicated to helping those with HIV and other STDs in the South Africa to get a good start and make connections and start dating others going through similar issues.A person with HIV must be completely honest about the issue while dating online, but it can be rather difficult to talk about it to others on a regular dating site.Today, it has been estimated that there are more than 34 million people all over the world living with HIV.Nowadays there is a bigger understanding of HIV and the fear of it is less paranoid than it used to be.

We'll always be proud of the role they played in informing and supporting people living with, affected by or concerned about HIV, and in giving people a safe, anonymous place to share their stories. 15, 2017, all posts, threads and member pages will cease to exist, including private messages.Let's talk about it A reader sent us his question about how to date with HIV. Just about everyone I meet with HIV uses it as an excuse to sleep around. Online Dating Immediately, I wonder where you're looking for love. Unfortunately most of the dating websites and apps tend to set HIv aside, but try a search for "hiv positive dating" and a ton of sites pop up dedicated to dating poz.Do you have any advice on how I can meet others with HIV that might actually want a serious relationship or am I just kidding myself? You will find that dating with HIv is the same as without it. Two sites that stand out are Serodiscordant Dating Also, keep your options open.We've considered many options to upgrade or reinvent these boards, but ultimately realized that the complexity of such a project would be too great, and that we're too small a team to continue maintaining the bulletin boards, particularly given how little use they see these days and how many other methods are available for having conversations on the web.To those of you who have been loyal bulletin board members, readers or even moderators over the years, please know we're deeply appreciative for the role you've played not just in making The's community better, but in making the entire HIV community stronger.With improved treatments, they are living longer and enjoying a better quality of life.


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