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She’s with Japanese designer, Yuka, and her good friends, Marshall bang and Lydia Paek.

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Names with a “see also” reference have materials in both Faculty and Staff Biography and a separate collection. Brooks, Joan Louise Brooks, Sydney Brouse, Albert Brown, Arlo Ayers. Brown, Avery Brown, Brack Brown, Carolyn Brown, Jeff Brown, Karen Mc Carthy Brown, Warren Brownell, Henry Chase Bruchey, Stuart Brugger, William H. Bull, Vivian Bumbaugh, David Bunn, Elaine Bunnell, John Howard Burch, Jason Burd, Barry Burdett, William Buri, Fritz Burke, Kenneth Burnett, Fred W. See also Henry Anson Buttz and Charles Fremont Sitterly Collection and the Manuscripts Collection. Carriker, Teresa Carrington, William Carroll, William James Carse, Alice F. Carson, Cottre Carter, Adam Carter, Ashley Hale Carter, Ben Carter, Charles Carter, Katherine Carter, Lainie Cartter, Allen Cash, Harry S.

Size62 linear feet (10 filing cabinets)Location Drew University Archives Madison, NJ Language(s) of materials English. Cadwell, John Cairoli, Laetitia Cakmak, Noriko Caldwell, John C. Christian, Robert Christie, Marjorie Christ-Janer, Victor Christofferson, Michael Christofferson, Thomas R. Clark, Candace Clark, Julie Clark, Richard Mc Connell Clarke, Neil Clasper, Paul D. Clyman, Robert Coakley, John Cobb, John Cochran, Lillian Coddou, Marcelo Coe, Barbara Wall Coffman, David Rhea Cohen, Ann Cohen, Beth Cohen, Mark Daniel Cohen, Robert Cohen, Susan Coil Cole, Jane Colby, Mark Cole, Austin A.

The Faculty and Staff Biography collection is arranged alphabetically by last name. Burrus, Virginia Burstein, Janet Handler Bush, Louise Busselee, Alfred, Jr. Calhoun, Claire Callaway, John Callander, Marilyn Cameron, Charles Cameron, Paula Cameron, Shirley Camlibel, Alicia Cammarano, Joseph Campbell, Edward Campbell, Edward Campbell, John Campbell, Ron Campbell, William C.

Access The Faculty and Staff Biography collection is available for research. Brunhouse, Robert Brunner, Christine Brunner, Edmund Buchanan, Herbert Buchholtz, Lucia Buck, Oscar. Cassidy, Timothy Castaldo, Denise Casterline, Elizabeth C.

Restrictions on Use and Copyright Information Documents related to tenure and salaries are restricted. Brady, Elaine Brady, Kevin Brandt, Jessica Branegan Brauman, Laura Brasefield, Charles J. Braunius, Andrea Breidenstein, Rychie Bretz, Clare Brewer, Carol Briggs, George W. Castiglioni, Frederick Castillo, Susana Catlin, Faith Catterall, Peter Cavalli, Judy Cavaos, Mary Cave, Elizabeth Cesareo-Silva, Claire M.


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