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Credit and debit card abuse is a relatively common offense in the state of Texas.

Although there are many different types of credit card abuse, this crime usually involves using a credit card in an inappropriate or illegal way.

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Taser, the company that makes the less-than-lethal Taser weapon, has recently changed its name to “Axon,” and is offering a very interesting proposal for police around the country.

For example, if a person steals a credit card and the prosecution can prove that the defendant intended to use the card, a conviction may be possible.

Additionally, a person does not have to actually be in possession of a stolen card in order to be arrested and charged.

In recent years, especially with difficulty holding police accountable for their actions during investigations, talk around body cameras has become one of the biggest moves to modernize policing.

Axon has offered a full year of free trials with their body camera systems to police around the country.


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