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There is really nothing more frustrating for photographers than a camera sensor that is full of dust and specks.Dust on the sensor happens, it’s just a fact of digital photographic life.The Super 16 (one-inch diagonal) image sensor is a global shutter CCD, and the camera's output is uncompressed 12-bit raw at a resolution of 2336×1752, recorded to SSD mags.

Brand loyalty sometimes prompts people to forget that every significant camera company is a large, profit-driven corporation.

This is a system that allowed us to have Gareth Edwards essentially show us what kind of camera moves he wanted as opposed to describing it…kind of a show rather than tell form of communication really.

Mike Jutan, virtual production team at Lucasfilm, explained to us:“Gareth is a down and dirty filmmaker. He did a lot of the camera operation on the real life set himself, so we wanted to simulate that experience for the all CG shots.

The fact that they make tools for a very personal, expressive, creative purpose and are often staffed by people who really care about photography (even in the marketing departments), shouldn’t obscure the fact that they’re trying to make money.

But that isn’t the same thing as profiteering: it’s in their interest to make products that you want.


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