Reverse lookup ptr records not updating Saudi sexy chat room

That's why both backends don't yet cover all the features that you can setup with the Microsoft DNS tools.If you discover problems or missing features, please open a bug report/feature request at means that, as an address holder, you will have to configure two things.

The second part is done by creating a domain object in the RIPE Database.Even though the internal DNS and the BIND DLZ modules are new, they both support all basic requirements for Active Directory and more.A working Active Directory is heavily based on a working DNS.If you only enter one, chances are it will pick the right one and get set on its own after a few hours of DNS propagation time.Due to the possibly of multiple domains and multiple A records pointing to your public IPv4 address, our system may not pick the one you want by default.It is possible to setup PTR records for IPv4 addresses in Dream Compute, however IPv6 r DNS is not available at this time.


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