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In addition, Jenny worked with Jerry Poynton at Swiss Effects, the digital video-to-film transfer company, helping to introduce and educate filmmakers on the new technical and creative possibilities of digital video.With directing/producing partner Jenni Tooley, she produced the16mm short film “Somewhere is the Middle”, 2009/10 festival circuit, associate produced the High Def short “Break” and is collaborating on developing the feature narrative Surrender, presently a quarter finalist in The Ultimate Filmmaker Competition and a documentary about 3 Irish sisters and a different generation of courtship, love & family.He took his family to California, where Nikolai lived mostly with his mother after his parents divorced in 1979.He was never close to his half-sisters, who lived most of the time in Germany. Nikolai first had a role at the age of 13 alongside his father in the film Kinski Paganini (1989).Film credits include Searching for Paradise, Wirey Spindell, 24 Hour Woman and Woman in Burka (Spirit of Slamdance Award 2008).She is a recent graduate of The Edit Center where she was an additional editor on the feature films Cold Weather and For Once In My Life.Currently residing in Berlin, Germany, he has acted primarily in American and German films, and speaks English, German, and French.He holds dual citizenship in the United States and France.

" Tuesday I took part in a ceremony in downtown Douglas.

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Each week the Planks attend the Tuesday vigils, organized by the local group Healing Our Borders. We also spent million for a new Border Patrol station at Douglas. Paul and Judy will head back to Iowa in about three weeks, to see family and to escape rattlesnake season in the desert.

Judy is also involved in a many other local projects to help the migrants, providing work, blankets encouragement. There is lots of money, lots of jobs in keeping other people poor. I think, since we are a Christian nation, that we should help poor people. I ask Paul and Judy if anyone in their group would agree with me. Judy once had to chase one away from her porch with a broom.


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