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A videotaped measuring session on Huge Boobs Galore revealed Sara's bustline to be 39 inches (36DD).The amazing growth of her breasts prompted her to enter the adult industry, first as a nude model as well as performing girl-girl action. What's the wallpaper on your phone and/or computer? EF: I had a blind date with a guy at this little Mexican restaurant. What was the last awkward situation you were in and how did you handle it?

#clinique #faceforward A photo posted by Sara Foster (@iamsarafoster) on The girls are step-sisters to Gigi Hadid and count Brody Jenner as ex step-brother through their father's marriages; first to Rebecca, then to Linda Thompson (Brody's mother) and most recently Yolanda Foster (Gigi's mother).

is a faux reality show based on the sister’s real lives. “I gotta tell you, it was a real hit to the lesbian community to lose Erin Foster.”“She never left. He wants to keep things “chill.” “He’s holding out on me which obviously makes me want to fucking marry him,” Erin says. You were the happiest when you were a lesbian.”“Really, because I feel like that was a really confusing time,” Erin said. Sometimes you may go through a phase where you’re a little confused and you figure it out, and then you kind of go down that path.” She says she’s done dating women.

It’s scripted to be farcical and Sara’s personality is shown as a likable but narcissistic, and Erin is portrayed as the more down-to-earth one, looking for love and happiness in Hollywood. Sara takes this as an opportunity to persuade her sister back into lesbianism. She also wants to invite Jensen, her non-BF, to the impromptu lesbian party Sara is throwing. Whether or not she identified as a lesbian when she was dating women is unknown, but typically, these kind of “I thought you were gay!

In early 2011, it was mentioned on many online forums that Sara had again retired.

As of April 2011, her Twitter account is no longer active and her official web-site hasn't had any new updates.


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