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Kagura (神楽, Kagura) is a member of the Yorozuya and the main female protagonist of Gintama.

It was actually a test of character, and the hero has passed with flying colors.I know, that instinctive reaction was mean, nasty and irrational. It all comes down to the knotty problem of being sisters.After all, we don't work in the same field - and, at 57, I'm surely old enough to be beyond such petty jealousies. As I've discovered during my research for my book, the relationship between sisters is one of the most complex there is.The first day was all about thoughts you may have had about yourself and your identity, the second day was all about thoughts on sex and sexual activity, and today is all about thoughts about other people and other things.Links to the posts in this series: You’ve never wanted to “jump someone’s bones”. This is one of the more common reasons people discover that they’re asexual.Later on in her childhood her older brother Kamui attempted to kill their father Umibouzu, however he failed and only managed to cut off his father's arm.


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